"What I value most about Tamera Young is her ability to recognize that the entire body is every performer’s primary resource—and it’s flexible, malleable, and often capable of much more than we think is possible. When teaching voice, Tamera has innovative methods to help the singer accomplish amazing growth no matter their previous experience. If she’s choreographing a musical, she is extremely adept at incorporating all sorts of dancers and abilities within the framework of a dance number to tell a story. Her background in performance and her love for education and giving life to art are just a few of the reasons why I love working with her. We’ve been educating artists and collaborating on musical theatre projects for over twenty years and there’s nobody with whom I’d rather create or recommend for performer development." 

Alison Frost

-Corpus Christi, TX

Associate Professor of Theatre
Texas A&M University
Corpus Christi




Original Cast of Broadway's
 Daizee on
Graduate of Carnegie Mellon

JR Pruski

San Antonio, TX / 

St. Louis, MO

Reagan High School Graduate & Current Student at Webster Conservatory
Owner of Nancy Allen Productions,
& Broadway Actress
"Tamera has helped me so much. When I needed focus and clarity in my voice, she helped me find it. She keeps my voice healthy so I can perform eight shows a week. San Antonio is LUCKY to have her! She is a treasure!"

"Tamera Young was able to guide me in a direction that has benefited both my voice and career immensely. I have been able to take lessons with her while away at college and the growth I have noticed in class is astounding. She listens carefully to the voice and body in order diagnose issues and produce solvents. The methods she teaches are able to unlock parts of my voice I never knew I had. She is a hard worker and wants success for every single one of her students. She truly is a blessing to the musical theatre community."

Nancy Allen

-Las Vegas, NV

​"I came to Tamera when my voice was tired and I wasn't getting the range I knew I once had. Within ONE lesson she was able to diagnose the problem and over a very short time she was able to not only get my voice back to where it was but it was even better and healthier than before!"

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